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James May Reveals “Main Danger” In His Latest Project Away From The Grand Tour

James May admitted his weight gain challenges through his latest endeavor in the series “Our Man in…,’ where he traveled to India. The series, spanning three episodes, will be released on January 5, 2024. The 60-year-old host shared that during his exploration of the culturally vibrant country, he enjoyed a lot of delicious food, leading to some weight gain.

The travel documentary will be aired on Prime Video. Season 1 and 2 saw the former Top Gear co-host visit Italy and Japan. The third season from India comes in the wake of The Grand Tour co-host Jeremy Clarkson revealing that the motoring show had come to an end, as the three presenters- May, Clarkson, and Richard Hammond have their own shows to look after.

However, May might be having other issues to sort out right now, like shedding weight. Speaking in the Radio Times Christmas issue, May explained the challenge and shed light on his journey across India:

“The main danger is getting fat, because Indians are feeders. I certainly put on weight. Everything is fantastic, and the problem is that as soon as you finish your bowl of delicious paneer masala, they fill it up again.

“We went from west to east, from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal.

“In Mumbai we visited Dharavi, the ‘slum’ from the film Slumdog Millionaire, which is extremely densely populated and often without running water and so on. But it’s also a very industrious area that turns over a lot of money in trades like pottery and plastic recycling. Darjeeling was great: I saw how tea is made.”

As May explores different countries on his show, an inside source told The Sun that the three presenters have moved on from The Grand Tour. He said:

 “It’s a surprising decision and everyone realises it very much marks the end of an era for the three presenters.

“The Grand Tour is one of Prime Video’s most-watched shows and Jeremy, James and Richard have a devoted following.

“But the guys have made no bones about the fact they’re all advancing in years and they have lots of other projects to pursue.”

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