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Astronaut James May Freaks Out in a Space Suit

James May hasn’t only done Top Gear for the BBC on television. Besides experimental shows like James May’s Toy Stories or James May’s Man Lab, he also did a documentary called “James May at the Edge of Space“. Because he’d always wanted to be an astronaut, James May flew 70,000 feet high into the stratosphere using a US Air Force Lockheed U-2 plane. In preparation for this extraordinary venture, he had to undergo specific training.

James May’s Space Suit Pressure Test

At one point, James has to try out his five layer space suit. A live recording of this test shows the difficulties James had with this test. In the video we linked down below, James puts on the suit. Afterwards an engineer links the suit to a pressure system. This system then slowly increases the pressure prevailing within the suit. As you can imagine, this doesn’t feel very comfortable and James expresses his uneasiness quickly.

After the test is done, James concludes that he isn’t quite sure if he’s made out for this. Actually, he admits to being slightly claustrophobic. But see for yourself and get a whole new insight into James May’s television activities:

However, now it’s your turn: Did you already watch the entire documentary? What do you think about James May’s space adventure? Let us know in the comments down below.

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One Comment

  1. Strange the helmet freaked him out yet he wears a motorcycle helmet without any problem.
    Maybe being stuck in a room with a dozen guys watching him instead of being on the road did it.

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