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BBC Hacked into Staff Emails to Prevent Top Gear Leaks


According to the Daily Mail, BBC investigators literally hacked into the email accounts of up to 40 employees to find a mole, who was supposedly leaking Top Gear secrets.

Apparently, a lot of scandals have been going on at the BBC, especially with the chemistry issues between former host, Chris Evans and current lead host, Matt LeBlanc. The British tabloids are notorious for their aggressiveness, so finding a lowly BBC employee who would divulge some confidential information doesn’t seem so far fetched. There’s nothing juicier than a broken relationship after another broken relationship. Oh, the drama.

Probing of staff accounts is overseen by the BBC Investigation Unit, a department within the organisation specialising in stopping criminal or illicit activity.

They're Watching!
They’re Watching!

The BBC has confirmed that this investigative unit has hacked over 120+ emails from 2013-2015 alone!

A BBC spokesman said: ‘The BBC rarely monitors or accesses staff email accounts and only in exceptional circumstances when it is reasonable, necessary and represents a proportionate response.

‘Monitoring of email accounts is invariably undertaken in relation to criminal or disciplinary investigations and staff are aware that monitoring can occur.’  

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  1. If it is the owner of the email account that’s accessing email accounts, then it’s not hacking. As a systems admin, It’s not hard to access an employee’s inbox and see what’s going on. We just don’t do so unless we have a valid reason, usually at the request of HR.

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