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Behind The Scenes With The Grand Tour and The Royal Navy

The latest episode of The Grand Tour ” Berks To The Future” featured a fantastic onslaught of destruction.

Unfortunately for Richard Hammond, all of this destruction was aimed squarely at several iterations of survival vehicles which he lovingly crafted, and which James May and Jeremy Clarkson lovingly destroyed.


The crescendo of all of this magnificent vehicular carnage featured James and Jeremy teaming up aboard the UK’s Roal Navy ship, the HMS Richmond, a Type 23 Frigate.


As seen in this video below, which was shared on The Grand Tour’s Twitter feed, the deadly duo uses an especially large gun, a 4.5″ Mark 8 naval gun to be precise, to deliver absolute destruction to the blissfully unaware Richard Hammond as he sat in the final incarnation of what he thought to be the ultimate survival vehicle..

Hammond was, unfortunately, killed, and as seen later on in the episode, nothing now remains of him but a bit of dust which Jeremy has rubbed into one of the tent’s carpets.  While that’s all sad and a real shame, there are some terrific behind the scenes pictures that have been shared by The Grand Tour as well as the Royal Navy on their Twitter feed as well!

And here are those pictures in a larger format:

1 2 3

It was a great segment and definitely one of the most exciting so far. It’s too bad the show will be carrying on with only two hosts, but at least we got to see some great behind the scenes shots of the best motoring show on the planet.

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Source: Twitter

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