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Celebrate Your Upcoming Wedding Like The Grand Tour Lads Would – With Adventure

If you have a wedding on the horizon, thinking about the Stag Do is a fantastic way to ease some of the marriage stress and let loose with your closest mates. If you’re someone who follows everything Grand Tour and Top Gear related (and why would you be here otherwise), you can take some inspiration from the boys to see you off the right way. While time (and money) are tight, and you’re unlikely to source something similar to the famed Madagascar Bentley, there are still plenty of options to consider. Here are three to look forward to. 

Top to Bottom 

If you have the time (and the patience) to drive from one end of the country for a week-long road trip, then why not go for it? You can visit a car dealership to find a great deal on something that can get you from A to B, especially if your partner needs your other car for all of their celebrations, and take a trip with some of your best friends to experience the country differently. 

Of course, this will all depend on where you live. Those in the midlands won’t want to drive down to Land’s End and then back up again, so you don’t have to go from one end to the other. Instead, plan out a suitable route that ends somewhere you can all relax and have a few drinks, but not too many, you’ve got to drive back tomorrow, after all. 

Go Off-Road 

If you don’t have time for a week-long trip across the country, off-road adventures are the next best thing. The beauty of this option is that there are plenty of off-road opportunities for you, and considering the country’s plethora of woodland, you are sure to find something close. 

Whether you want to test your skills in a 4×4 or get messy on quad bikes, the opportunities are there for you to explore. There are some reports of safety issues when it comes to quad biking, so it’s important to be aware of this, but as long as you and your group are sensible, there won’t be any problems.

Your Own Mario Kart 

richard hammond standing next to his opel kadett oliver

Go-karting is not just for kid’s birthday parties, and adults can still have a great time tearing around a track, especially if you book the venue out for yourselves for a few hours. If there’s money on the line, these karting tips can help you succeed, and you’ll leave everyone else in the dust, helping you pay for your honeymoon. 

Maybe the indoor track doesn’t excite you the same way other tracks would, but this is okay. While there aren’t many outdoor go-karting tracks, there are some. If the weather permits, you can get as close to Formula 1 (or Rainbow Road) as you ever will.

A Celebration

The last thing your partner will want before the wedding is for you to put yourself in something that seems dangerous (although it really isn’t). But, it’s your chance to say goodbye to the single life, and there are few better ways than an adrenaline-pumping adventure with all the lads. 

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