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Check Out The Next Batmobile In These New Well-lit Images

The Batman franchise has some of the coolest vehicles to ever grace the silver screen. From Christopher Nolan’s Batmobile to the Jeep Renegade that Ben Affleck drives in Batman V. Superman. Okay, that last one not so much.

However, the new Matt Reeves directed Batman has been teasing its Batmobile for months now. First appearing in press photos with the Robert Pattinson.

It looks more grounded in reality compared to all of the others Batmobiles, with a build that expounds upon what looks like a mid-engined Dodge Charger. Although, in the past we’ve only been able to see it framed in the shadows at nighttime.


Now, thanks to a series of images from Jeff Frost, a model-maker who has been working on the new Batmobile, we can see its form properly illuminated.

The Charger has been well expounded upon by designer Ash Thorp, and his rugged additions are shown in all their scale-glory in this model.

We can see the battering-ram front bumper protruding from the front, like a giant brass-knuckle. On the back, it has what looks like a jet-engine, that forms a flaming point on the vehicle’s exposed cage.

The body is widened, and the hood hasmean glowing accents, which makes the cutouts and scoops glow like an ominous threat to anyone else on the road.

As for wheels, they’re still mostly in shadow, but we do see the back tires are extra chonky, undoubtedly necessary for a Batmobile which will surely slide and burn rubber on every turn.


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