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Clarkson and Hammond Are Filming In London For The Grand Tour Season 3

Stansted Airport in London was momentarily sent into chaos when Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson started filming for Season 3 of The Grand Tour.

Similarly to Season 1’s Christmas special where they donned home made jumpers and rode electrical gismos, the two Grand Tour presenters can be see flying up an down the corridors of the busy London airport. Jeremy is sat on a motorised suitcase, closely followed by Hammond who is on some sort of motorised skateboard.

A video taken from a phone (shown in the video above) shows Clarkson fail to miss a shop stand, ultimately crashing into it and knocking a man over. Obviously this as scripted. Despite this, Clarkson does eventually get the hang of it and eventually starts pulling on a make-shift handbrake to try and drift the whacky contraption.

The best part of the video has to be at 1:36 however, as Jeremy squeals as he passes Hammond on his faster machine.

We really cannot wait for this next season to be released. It won’t be long now!

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