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The Grand Tour Episode Guide: Four Episodes Leaked by the Telegraph

With less than a week left to go before the premiere of The Grand Tour on Amazon Instant Video, the anticipation for what is to come for Jeremy Clarkson’s redemption tour is at an all-time high.

It was confirmed in California that the £2.5 million taping in the desert was going to be for the premiere episode with rumors that the taping in Johannesburg was to come after as the second. Well, here are more rumors from one of the UK’s most respected publications:

Episode 1 – The Holy Trinity


“The Grand Tour kicks off in California, USA, when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take their famous studio tent to Dry Rabbit Lake. Hundreds of fans from across the U.S. travelled to the desert, near Lucerne Valley, outside of Los Angeles, California to be part of the first ever episode of Jeremy, Richard and James’ new show for Amazon Prime.”

This episode definitely is a tribute to the hypercar test between the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 and McLaren P1, but it’s more than just that. This is the episode that everyone is going to “HAVE TO” talk about, so why not line up the flying jets, Mad Max set, rock concert on TOP of the three most revered hypercars on the planet?

Episode 2 – Operation Desert Stumble


“Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May bring the travelling Grand Tour tent to The Cradle of Humankind near Johannesburg in South Africa. In this show, the three hosts are forced to become special forces soldiers with an all action challenge at a top secret training base, deep within Jordan. Also in this episode, Jeremy introduces the 800 horsepower Aston Martin Vulcan to the Grand Tour test track, and James is sent to investigate an unusual form of motorsport called spinning.”

This was the first taping for The Grand Tour. A taping that admittedly made Jeremy Clarkson a nervous wreck and set the tone for all the episodes to come. There’s definitely going to be some fun here with the desert buggies, bloody Clarkson face and super soldier camp experience that the boys have talked so much about.

 Episode 3 – Opera, Arts and Donust aka The Return Home


“Friday 2nd December 2016 The Grand Tour travelling tent pitches up on the quayside in the English coastal town of Whitby from where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May introduce a modern take on the traditional gentleman’s tour of Italy. With Jeremy in an Aston Martin DB11 and James in a Rolls-Royce Dawn, the pair are set for a leisurely trip of culture and fine dining until a noisy and unwelcome guest arrives.”

The boys go back to where it all started, the fracas between Jeremy and Oisin. We know we saw three interceptors and Jimmy Carr on a jet-ski while the boys power slide a small boat in Whitby Harbor. This is the episode where the boys start to get into their rhythm of things with the show and tie in the clips we’ve seen of them and the massive crowd in Italy.

Episode 4 – Enviro-mental

James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson on the set of The Grand Tour in Whitby CREDIT: PA
James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson on the set of The Grand Tour in Whitby CREDIT: PA

“The Grand Tour studio tent is back in Whitby, England for various complicated reasons, some of which are James’s fault. In this show, Jeremy Clarkson tests the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, desperately trying to remain impartial despite knowing that Richard Hammond owns one, and then compares it to the track-focused BMW M4 GTS. Also in this episode, the hosts become unusually ecological as they attempt to create cars made of truly sustainable materials before taking part in what’s billed as a green motorsport event.”

In somewhat of a surprise, it looks like the boys are going to stay in Whitby for another taping. I guess when you travel as much as the boys do, they’re going to take advantage of a being home as much as they possibly can. This is also going to be the episode where we see the famous tree rover we saw in the trailer.

So, there you have it. The first four episodes lined up for the holidays.

What do you think the next four episodes are going to be?

h/t: Telegraph

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