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Clarkson, May, And Hammond Reunite to Quiz You On Their… Car Accidents

It’s been months since the Grand Tour guys have gotten together and provided us with some classic content. Fortunately for us, they hosted a pub quiz together this weekend, with the goal of raising funds for the Felix Project.

If you think you know everything there is to know about the trio, perhaps this clip of questions will challenge your Top Gear trivia. The three take turns asking viewers which vehicles they got sick inside of, back in the ’90s!

To get the highest possible points for each host, you have to know the make, model, and trim level. Honestly, I couldn’t even begin to guess which vehicle they each prospectively threw up inside of back in the last millenia.

Where nothing would surprise me on the adventure episodes, it really is surprising that all three of the guys have hurled inside of a test vehicle in that one time period. It’s as if they were drinking significantly more back in those days.

As a bonus question, we have to answer who Jeremy Clarkson could have had an argument with on public TV, about throwing up in an aircraft. This British personality, isn’t a journalist, but flew in the same fighter jet with the same pilot as Clarkson, then claimed to have been able to hold his lunch.

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