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Clarkson Reveals He Had Emergency Operation During Filming

No, this isn’t anything to do with the bout of pneumonia he had during the production of The Grand Tour last year. But it’s certainly worrying, as he explains during a recent interview with British talk show host, Jonathan Ross.

Jeremy tells Jonathan that during a holiday with Lisa Hogan, he was seriously thinking about getting a tattoo.

He said: “I was this close [to getting a tattoo] I actually went past the tattoo store and thought, ‘Come on.’

“A red star on my arse is what I had in mind. But then I went wrong, I had an illness, I had an abscess…”

Things quickly became serious when an ambulance was called and he was swiftly taken to the closest hospital, lights, sirens, everything.

“The doctor was there 30 seconds later and three minutes later I was on the operating table.”

He explained to the host that they found a growth on the abscess, which the doctors didn’t hesitate to cut off, despite him first of all insisting that there was nothing wrong.

“I said, ‘It’s nothing, I just need a doctor to pop around and lance this little abscess I’ve got.’

Fortunately, he had nothing but praise for the Vietnamese healthcare system.

“There was a growth coming out of my abcess so they lopped it out. It’s a fabulous healthcare system.

“[The wound] is now as we speak [oozing out] because you can’t close the wound. I’m leaking!”

He continued: “I’ve got a skin disease as well.”

He has certainly been in the wars as of late, so we with him good health, good luck, and hope he makes it to the fourth season!

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  1. Is season four going to be “The Lone Tour, with James May” since Clarkson keeps ending up in the hospital and Hammond crashes everything he touches?

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