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The Grand Tour Season 3 Final Episode: What We Thought

As the boys pack up their tent and wave one last goodbye to their favourite car, the Ford Mondeo, and their beloved audience, they let us know they won’t be gone entirely. With a Season 4 renewal with Amazon, the trio are packing their mentality and suitcases to what will be a new era of ‘car enthusiasm’.

I have to say, Ford Cortinas are beautiful cars, no matter which model they made. Then moving up in the world to the Sierra Cosworth, which became a well-known track car and finally taking a step down into the family and practical world of the Mondeo. Having been in a Mondeo, they are extremely good fun and have plenty of space both in the back and boot. The ceremony they created for the beautiful car was just amazing, especially when you see how many fans and enthusiasts drove over to support the ending of a proper send-off.

The Mongolia special was just the beginning of a revelation of our beloved car show. The ending of this episode brought me to tears and I’d suspect, many others too. I love the montage they played dating back to their early days of Top Gear and through the ages of The Grand Tour. One quote I somewhat remember Jeremy saying during a Top Gear episode was… “They treat us like rock Gods.” Has he never been so right.

We love the show not just for their insights into the latest car news and amazing historical documentaries and top tips, but for the characteristics of the people they’ve become and how they got there. We really look up to them.We love the banter, witty remarks, car challenges and above all, the memories the trio create with us to cherish until even after they do officially end. I understand where they’re coming from though…

Presenting for seventeen years (for Clarkson and Hammond) and sixteen years for May is an extremely long time for any show. I don’t think there are many shows that have been running for that long let-alone exceeding expectations every episode, so what we have to say to the lads is that we love you, and we will always support you.

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