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Clarkson Reveals Which Car He Kept From The Grand Tour Season 3

Yep, Season 3 of The Grand Tour is over and planning for the fourth is well underway. But during the off-season, a lot of information becomes apparent that we didn’t know about while watching the show.

Today’s info comes straight from the mouth of Jeremy who has admitted to keeping the Jeep from the Colombian Special. And it’s no surprise that he’s kept the gorgeous Alfa Romeo which he drove through Scotland.

“I kept a Jeep which we drove across Columbia, from the [season three],” he says. “I’ve got a new Range Rover and a really old Range Rover.

“I’ve also got a few cars from the show which I’ve kept. From this season, we had an Alfa Romeo GTV6, which I’ve always adored.

“We made a car a couple seasons ago called the ‘Excellent’. It was a Land Rover with a Mercedes body on it.

“I also have a Mercedes 600 Grosser, which is a fabulous car.”

However, he went on to conclude: “But really, I’m an old bore these days and tend to just waft about in Range Rovers.”

If you want to know more about ‘The Excellent’ which he took home after filming, take a look here. And if you want to see the full run down of all the cars Clarkson has owned over the years, take a look here, too.

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