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We Bet You Don’t Remember TopGear’s ‘Crock Or Classic’ Wall

No, before you tell us we’ve somehow mixed this up with the Cool Wall, these are two very different things. The Crock or Classic Wall was an idea that sprung up during Season 3 of Clarkson’s TopGear, with its focus being on whether an old car is a classic, or if it’s just sh*t.

Unfortunately, it didn’t stick around for long, as the Cool Wall was much more popular, but we were certainly able to have a laugh with it. And during its short but humorous life, it uncovered a terrible truth about Jeremy: While he is of course one of the greatest motoring journalists of this time, he’s also one of the unluckiest.

Like stocks and shares, it’s important to buy a car when they’re at a low price with the hope that they will gain value. Of course, cars aren’t quite the same as shares and will more than likely depreciate. But there are some older cars that do. Unfortunately for Jeremy, this happens as soon as he sells them at a loss.

“Jeremy buys, you sell! Jeremy sells, you buy,” chants May to the camera after they find out that cars such as Clarkson’s Alfa Romeo GTV6 went up in value (by £4,000) a year after he sold it. Likewise with his BMW CSL which went up by a while $10 grand a year after he sold it!

So, folks. Let’s begin our own Crock or Classic wall. Comment below your ideas for either a crock or classic, and let’s get the ball rolling!

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One Comment

  1. I assume we’re going for future classics from 2000-2009
    Honda S2000
    VW Phaeton
    Pontiac GTO, Holden/Vauxhall-Monaro

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