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Clarkson’s Farm: 7 Things That Have Gone Terribly Wrong

Farmers have the best job don’t they? They get to sit in a tractor all day, enjoying the sunshine while their crops grow successfully and their animals are profitable. Well, as we’re about to find out from Jeremy Clarkson on his new show Clarkson’s Farm, it’s not like that at all. In fact, it’s one of the hardest jobs you could ever take on, with plenty to get wrong, lots of stress, and even when you’ve done everything perfectly, the weather can yank your revenue from in front of your eyes with a change of weather.

Farming is difficult, and Jeremy, being new to the industry, found it incredibly hard to get going. Here’s what went wrong…

7. Blown Tractor Tyre

Even the greatest of Lamborghini tractors get flat tyres. Although to be honest, this tractor hasn’t been the most reliable of things. When he first bought it, it didn’t have the right connection for any of his equipment, then the steering wheel came off, and then the brakes failed.

In fact, it was so large that he couldn’t even get it in his shed. Then when he was finally able to connect it to his equipment, it was so powerful that his equipment broke. Hasn’t been the best of investments…

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