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Jeremy Clarkson’s Latest Clarkson’s Farm Lager Advert Stopped By Legal Team

The automotive journalist turned farmer Jeremy Clarkson has to fight through yet another issue after attempting to market Hawkstone Lager. This year, The Grand Tour presenter began brewing his own lager made from barley grown on his farm. Named for a Neolithic standing stone, he’s very passionate about his new product.

However, Jeremy’s second advertising concept has met with the same fate as the first, and he’s facing legal consequences after a rather unorthodox script for a promotion.

Lawyers were not overly enthusiastic about him claiming that Hawkstone lager is “better than Birmingham…and Spain” in an advertising campaign he wanted to include during his ITV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?. Despite this, he posted the jokey video to his new company’s Instagram account.

In the video he says the following:

“They say that God took six days to create the world.

“Thing is though, it takes 30 days to create my Hawkstone lager, which means my lager is six times better than the world.

“It’s better than Birmingham that’s for sure! And Spain.”

Excusing his mathematical mistake which is addressed in text at the bottom of the video, the tagline for the product reads: “Hard to make, easy to drink.”

He also posted a video to his personal account, explaining the issues he’s had with “the legal department”. He says:

“I’ve had a new email from the legal department about my latest advertisement for Hawkstone lager, using barley from Diddly Squat Farm.

“And I’m not allowed to say it’s better than Birmingham.

“It is better than Birmingham! It just is!

“Why can’t I say that? Why can’t I?” he asked the camera as the video’s caption reads: “Another day, another rejection.

“See the “offensive” ad at @hawkstonelager.”

Jeremy’s previous campaign idea was also turned down by his legal team.

Jeremy will be joined by Richard Hammond and James May yet again next week in a new episode of The Grand Tour – the second lockdown special from the trio. Going by the name of Carnage A Trois, the episode will revolve around French cars and what makes them so interesting.

The Grand Tour returns on December 17 on Amazon Prime Video.

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