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Clarkson’s Farm Debuts Tomorrow – This Is When And Where To Watch Jeremy’s New Show

Jeremy Clarkson’s new farming show, titled Clarkson’s Farm is being released to the world tomorrow, June 11. And with fans eager to absorb something from the famous trio, Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, the show has already been incredibly popular with fans who have expressed their sincere excitement at watching as soon as possible.

So when and where can you watch it? Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch Clarkson’s Farm.

The Synopsis And Trailer

Clarkson’s Farm will be competing mainly against Our Yorkshire Farm, as it follows Jeremy through his experiences as he builds a farm from the ground up. This is the official synopsis:

Jeremy Clarkson is a journalist, a broadcaster, and a man who travels the world to slide sideways in supercars while shouting. He is not a farmer, which is unfortunate because he’s bought a 1,000-acre farm in the English countryside and decided to run it himself, despite knowing nothing whatsoever about farming. The series follows an intense, backbreaking and frequently hilarious year in the life of Britain’s most unlikely farmer and his team, as they contend with the worst farming weather in decades, disobedient animals, unresponsive crops, and an unexpected pandemic.

Helped only by his gang of agricultural associates, Clarkson quickly discovers that a modern farmer must be a conservationist, scientist, shepherd, shopkeeper, midwife, engineer, accountant and tractor driver, often at the same time. Despite the calamities that ensue, this is most definitely not “The Grand Tour goes farming.” Here on the farm the failures have real emotional consequences and Jeremy, completely out of his comfort zone, must lean on others as he strives to grow crops, rear sheep and pull off environmental projects that are close to his heart. And yes, you read that last bit correctly. This is Jeremy Clarkson as you’ve never seen him before.

How To Watch

Clarkson’s Farm will only be available to Amazon Prime subscribers when it’s first released. At £79 a year, we believe it’s worth it as it not only gives you access to thousands of free series and films, but it also gives you free next day delivery to selected products on Amazon Prime.

Who Is Clarkson’s Farming Sidekick?

Currently, Amazon is giving away a 30-day trial, which can be cancelled before you give the company any money.

There are currently no plans to make Clarkson’s Farm available on any other TV channel or streaming service.

When To Watch

Clarkson’s Farm is due to be released June 11, but we expect it to be released to the streaming service a little earlier than midnight. This has been the pattern before with The Grand Tour, so make sure you’re ready for its release a little earlier than expected.

Excited? We are! Click the big button below to read my review.

Clarkson’s Farm: Our Review

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