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Clarkson’s Farm Denier Raises £20,000 To Flatten Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Plans

A local resident to the Diddly Squat Farm is raising money to fight against Jeremy Clarkson’s plans to convert his lambing shed to a restaurant.

The ongoing battle with the local council was shown on the recently released second series of Clarkson’s Farm. Viewers were able to see the the Grand Tour host fighting his case in order to diversify the Diddly Squat Farm, which is what a lot of farmers are having to do in order to make a profit. Clarkson has been met with criticism from some of the local councillors and residents.

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Clarkson also showed on the latest series that his plans for expansion would also benefit other local struggling farmers. However, the plans were still rejected by the council. The former Top Gear host is in the process of appealing the decision.

Local resident, Hamish Dewar, is in the process of raising money to fight against Clarkson’s plans. He has posted to, where he has raised approximately £20,000 so far:

“I am hoping to prevent Jeremy Clarkson changing the use of a ‘Lambing Shed’ into a cafe and restaurant. As I understand it, the shed has had minimal agricultural use and has been a ‘Trojan Horse’ for far bigger aspirations. I believe this is an abuse of the planning system and a threat to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

“I am hoping to raise funds to bring a legal case to ensure that celebrity and wealth alone cannot force through a planning application without the case of those with reasonable, and passionate, objections, being taken into account.”

Dewar continued:

“The plan to change the use of the lambing shed into a 50-seat cafe and restaurant is, in my view, flawed in so many ways, and should be opposed. There is also the (in my view entirely justified) concern that a 50-seat restaurant will grow to match the 150-head alcohol licence which has already been granted. Primarily, I will argue in my legal case that it is a real and imminent threat to an AONB, a very dangerous planning precedent where a ‘Trojan Horse’ application can abuse the planning system, and will lead to a traffic flow that will destroy the nature and character of a village which simply cannot safely accommodate the amount of cars, bikes, vans and buses that are already being attracted here by the fame and appeal of Jeremy Clarkson.”

Clarkson has also applied for permission to have a car park on his land to stop traffic building up and visitors damaging the roadsides by parking in inappropriate places, however, this was refused as well.

The hearing date for the restaurant has been moved to 14th March 2023.

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