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Grand Tour Fans React to Jeremy Clarkson: “Too Many Hawkstones?”

Jeremy Clarkson has been pretty active on social media as he uploaded a funny image on Instagram that received hilarious reactions from people in the comments section. The post, which received around 1400 comments and likes upwards of 332,000 captioned “Tremendous hand. Dead man in pool” is an image of two people playing cards.

The ‘tremendous hand’ refers to the person about to make their next move in the card game, which could very well end the game in their favour as it has two queen cards, two king cards, and three aces. The lady sitting on the opposite side, who appears to be smiling has no clue of what’s coming.

Like many, if you haven’t noticed yet, the funnier bit comes up when you spot Clarkson in the pool behind the tree in a state that suggests he might have had a lot of “Hawkstone”, hence the reference ‘Dead man in pool.’ The former Top Gear presenter’s skin tone appears to be reddish which tells he might be making the most of summer days.

Clarkson’s ‘pose’ in the pool like he’s hanging on to dear life while his near ones make some killer moves in a card game making the image funny and fascinating at the same time. As expected, Clarkson fans gave hilarious responses in the comments with a few best ones shared below.

A ‘Clarkson’s Genius’ comment was imminent.

“It’s what happens when you’re in the presence of Clarksons genius”

This comment must be from a Top Gear ‘purist’ who very well remembers Clarkson interviewing Will Young in ‘A Star in a reasonably priced car’ from Series 12, episode 2 where Jezza got quite comfortable with the celebrity.

“Haven’t seen Jezza so relaxed since Will Young”

This fan knows the secret.

“Too many Hawkstones Jeremy?”

Someone giving ‘technicalities.’

“Challenging the laws of buoyancy one pint at a time”

How can anyone not add an ‘an’ comment?

“An pool”

Quite embarrassingly, someone missed noticing Clarkson in the pool and thought it was him playing cards.

“No chance that’s your hand you old fart”

The last one which never gets old.

“Does that mean he’s not coming on then?”

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