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Clarkson’s Farm: Jeremy Clarkson To Plough Ahead With New Restaurant Plans On Diddly Squat Farm

As residents of the Cotswolds thought they’d seen it all after Jeremy Clarkson revealed his plans to create a 60-seat restaurant on his land at Diddly Squat Farm, the Clarkson’s Farm presenter has now announced plans to build a chicken coop as the success on his farm continues to build. On top of this, he now has the go-ahead from the council and police to begin building his restaurant.

Clarkson’s Farm was a hit after its release on Amazon Prime Video early last year. But as more and more fans attempt to see the famous farm in person, its Chadlington neighbours have gone to great lengths to complain about its growth. These complaints come from the increase in traffic around the area, the building of more structures around the farm, and the apparent negative effect it has had on surrounding businesses.

The ex-Top Gear’s latest plans involve the building of a restaurant and accompanying car park from a converted lambing shed. While this was released to complaints from the police, council, and neighbours, the former two have now backed down, meaning the work can begin.

Oxfordshire County Council now claims it has no objections to the restaurant’s design, and that it does not expect it to have a significant impact on traffic after Jeremy made some changes to the layout of this building.

On top of this, Thames Valley Police said it is “pleased to see that improvements have been made to the design in terms of access, cycle parking and bin stores”.

But locals to the farm are still annoyed about the upcoming changes with local Carole Shadbolt saying:

“The entrance has become a local black spot.

“The car park becomes a quagmire in rain, which understandably visitors do not want to walk over. They decide instead to park on the verge.

“You then get cars on either side of the road, excited visitors not paying attention, not realising it’s an ordinary road, running across, giving the finger to locals, many of whom object, and causing a type of simmering road rage between both.”

The Diddly Squat Farm shop will be closed for the next two months as Jeremy and his team alter the roof, which received complaints from the council, allowing the town to breathe for a while. But hopefully, with the additional car parking, cars will be off the road when it reopens.

Clarkson’s Farm Series 2 will be released this year after it was confirmed by Jeremy and Kaleb Cooper in 2021.

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