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Clarkson’s Farm: Kaleb Cooper Shares Sad News In Instagram As Fans Flood To His Side

Kaleb Cooper has recently taken to Instagram to share the incredibly sad news that his dog has died. Following this post, fans quickly flooded to his side to send their best wishes to the Clarkson’s Farm star.

When Clarkson’s Farm first aired, it was no surprise that presenter Jeremy Clarkson was a brilliant part of the show. But out of nowhere, farm manager Kaleb Cooper quickly became a fan favourite as his guidance and angry yelling pointed Clarkson in the right direction.

With the second series of the Amazon Prime Video show currently being filmed, Jaleb Cooper will once again join Jeremy, alongside Lisa Hogan, Gerald Cooper, and Cheerful Charlie, after it was confirmed by the Grand Tour presenter.

Despite this, fans of Kaleb shared his pain as his almost 800k followers on Instagram showed their support to Diesel the dog. 

“Rest in peace to the most amazing dog ever (diesel). He was such a character. Chilling in the tractor while I was fixing it so we could get going again. Will be missed every day ❤️.” (sic)

The executive producer of The Grand Tour shared his thoughts on this passing with a comment on Kaleb’s post:

“That’s properly sad,” he wrote. “I know it’s a cliche but unless you have a dog you can’t appreciate what they mean.”

Another fan added: 

“So sorry for your loss – thinking of you at this sad time. RIP Diesel”

We’re very sorry to hear this sad news, and pass our best wishes to Kaleb and his family. RIP Diesel. 

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