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Forza Horizon 5: 15 Minutes Of Gameplay Released – Storm Expedition & 2 New Races

Forza Horizon 5 is still a while away, but as there’s just so much content to be shown to us before we even buy the game, Playground games are churning out the videos. Its latest gameplay reveal is 15 minutes long, and was given to the YouTube channel, Don Joewon Song to release.

It features a Ford Bronco R, which you’re driving at full pelt to keep up with your aerial guide, Ramiro. You follow his plane as you, Ramiro, and another car race towards the eye of a storm before Rami is forced to land next to a temple.

You track him down before placing a radio beacon and having a look around but eventually fall down a large hole before making a swift getaway to the coast. This means driving through the eye of the storm. Ramiro calls us “riders on the storm”, and I’m quickly sent back to my days playing Need for Speed Underground 2. A small easter egg, maybe?

Next up in this gameplay release is a race in the cockpit of a Chevrolet C8 Corvette. The sounds of the American V8 are very nice, especially on the downshifts, and the music of the Horizon Festival fades in and out as you weave between onlookers.

The second race sits you in a Toyota GR Supra, yet again in the cockpit. The sounds aren’t as meaty as the C8 with it being a straight-6 engine, but it still urges you to push further up the rev range.

It’s worth noting in both videos, the steering wheel has been removed from the cockpit view. Have you got your sim setup ready?

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