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Clarkson’s Farm: Kaleb Cooper Warned By Fans Not To Let Jeremy Clarkson Near New Project

Kaleb Cooper, the new star of Amazon Prime Video, made his entrance to the industry through Jeremy Clarkson’s new show, Clarkson’s Farm. It quickly became popular with fans appreciating the realness of the show and its gritty take on the reality of the farming industry.

Kaleb was a breakout star, with fans quickly warming to him and his talents at putting The Grand Tour presenter in his place. With his more than impressive farming and management skills, alongside his camera presence, he was a brilliant part of the show.

Now, he’s bought himself a new project which he’s posted to Instagram:

“It’s not a tractor but I’ve brought myself a little project to do in my spare time (Which I get loads of NOT)!

“Think it’s going to be fun. Anyone got any tips.”

Fans were quick to hilariously point out that he shouldn’t let Jeremy anywhere near it.

“Don’t let Jeremy near it,” one fan responded. Another added: “Don’t let Clarkson tow it!”

Another joked that Kaleb should put a tow hitch on his Nissan 350Z.

“It’s already on,” Kaleb responded quickly.

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