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Jeremy Clarkson Makes Sneaky Jibe At Prime Minister Boris Johnson

In a recent video from Jeremy Clarkson, the Clarkson’s Farm presenter makes a sneaky jibe at Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Jeremy can be seen whistling while packaging up a number of bottles of his new lager, Hawkstone Lager. He’s whistling happily to himself as he tapes the box shut and adds the delivery address to the top of the package. The Grand Tour presenter then pushes the box towards the camera so it can be read by the viewers.

It reads:

B. Johnson

10 Downing Street



This, obviously, is a hilarious jab at the fact that it’s recently become clear that Boris Johnson was at a party during the country’s lockdown – a party that shouldn’t have taken place. In fact, the party took place at the Prime Minister’s home in the garden of 10 Downing Street. Boris’ argument for him attending was that he believed it was a work event. “I bitterly regret it,” he told the press.

Now, with the country waiting for the man’s resignation, he can at least seek solace in the fact that he’s got some of the country’s best lager on the way.

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