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Clarkson’s Farm: Kelvin Fletcher Responds To Claims He Copied Jeremy Clarkson’s Farming Show

Kelvin Fletcher, the Emmerdale actor who’s been accused of copying Jeremy Clarkson and his latest show Clarkson’s Farm, has now responded to the claims that he and the BBC stole the idea.

In an interview with This Morning, Fletcher discussed his new show, Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure, urging viewers that it’s a very different show to Clarkson’s Farm, which won the hearts of viewers after its release last year. He adds that he was months into filming the show before Clarkson’s Farm aired. Of course, this doesn’t mean the BBC didn’t know that Clarkson’s Farm was in production.

Interview Alison Hammond asked Fletcher if he’d taken any “tips” from Clarkson’s Farm, but Kelvin quickly spoke out about the show:

“Clarkson’s has been brilliant hasn’t it? And there’s so many of those programmes, Channel 5 have got one with Yorkshire Farm and Matt Baker’s got one, we’ve been huge fans of those shows anyway!”

Hammond continued to question the actor, asking how these shows had helped him create his:

“We were already three, four months into filming when Clarkson’s came out. For me, they all represent something different, they all showcase what that industry is.

“We feel that we’re a different show, we’re two newbies, two newcomers but we’re huge fans of their shows and hopefully they’re fans of ours as well.”

He admitted that he “just wanted a change”.

“The sense of unknown has always excited me so we just wanted to seek a challenge. As an actor you always want to embrace the unknown.

“It was such a simple, wholesome way of living and then fast forward a commission with the BBC and the next thing we knew we have a BBC film crew filming our every move!”

Just like Jeremy, he admitted he didn’t know what he was doing, but he “learnt fast” with the cameras on him.

“We’re not just playing at this. This is a huge statement, a huge move to make for me and my family…

“We’re really getting into farming, we’re looking it and trying to understand that there’s a lot of hard work, sometimes very little reward.

“We’re two people who were very green, who didn’t know what they were doing but we’ve learnt fast and I’m absolutely committed that we would be recognised as proper farmers.”

Episode 1 of Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure will begin Monday, January 17 at 8.30pm on BBC1, with following episodes airing at the same time every Monday.

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