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Clarkson’s Farm Shows Jeremy Clarkson In Tears During Heartbreaking Moment

Clarkson’s Farm is nearly here, and while it hasn’t been released yet, I’m able to tell you a few bits about Jeremy Clarkson’s upcoming Amazon Prime Video show.

While tending to his 1,000 acre farm, Jeremy looks into buying a flock of sheep. He tentatively buys almost 100 of them, but as he realises that this part of his farm won’t be very profitable thanks to vets bills, the purchasing of an electric fence, and a host of other expenses, he also realises the hard truth of farming animals.

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Three of his sheep had to be put down due to them no being able to breed and be part of the flock. He takes them to the abattoir himself where he discusses this with the manager of the business. Before leaving, he goes to the sheep to say goodbye, but it turns out they’ve already been killed. At this moment, the reality of farming hits Jeremy as he goes quiet before getting into his car and leaving.

He talked to Grand Tour Nation and other press in a recent interview about this:

“Nobody likes killing an animal,” he said. “They just don’t. You can’t say: ‘I enjoy killing animals.’ You’d be deranged, you’d be a sociopath. So you don’t enjoy it.”

“You’ve got to do it. It’s the business. You know, we all like a roast – although I appreciate some people eat seeds and weeds – but normal people eat meat and they like a Sunday roast. So it has to happen.”

Jeremy went on to say: “That was my first experience of it, where I raised these things. And I actually got to know those three sheep quite well.

“I had to keep them for complicated veterinary reasons for a few weeks after they’d been diagnosed as having ‘bad bags’, which is something I had never heard of before, before they were killed.”

He continued: “I had to go and feed them every night, and it was a tragic moment. I nearly abdicated the responsibility of taking them to the abattoir to someone else. But then I thought: ‘No, come on, you’ve got to do it’.”

Fortunately, later in the episode we’re shown Jeremy helping the sheep give birth successfully. He discussed this in the interview:

“With all the lambs I gave birth to, I actually delivered them, nurtured them, raised them, watched them grow, watched their tails fall off, watched their balls fall off. Then I ate them. It’s a process you have to go through if you’re going to run a farm,” he said.

Farming is indeed a difficult thing, which I discuss in my review of the show here.

Clarkson’s Farm launched June 11 on Amazon Prime Video. You can read the full episode guide here

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