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Who Is Kaleb Cooper, Jeremy Clarkson’s Rising Clarkson’s Farm Star

Kaleb Cooper is the latest breakout star from the popular Prime Video series, Clarkson’s Farm. His wit, charm, and work ethic have won the hearts of viewers all around the world. But who is Kaleb Cooper, and how did he become such an essential part of the show’s success? In this article, we will take a closer look at Kaleb’s background, his work on the farm, and his role in making Clarkson’s Farm a hit.

When Jeremy Clarkson contracted out his farm to someone living in a local village, Kaleb from Chipping Norton worked on the farm under a number of roles. When Clarkson took control of the farming himself, Kaleb came on as a tractor driver, but really he was a lot more than that for The Grand Tour presenter. He acted as a voice of reason, a knowledgeable mentor, and someone who could kick Clarkson down for doing something stupid. He’d do all of this while matching Clarkson in humour and entertainment.

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Who is Kaleb Cooper?

Kaleb Cooper is a farmer and agricultural contractor from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. He was born and raised on a farm, and his love for farming started at a young age. Kaleb has worked in the farming industry for over a decade, gaining experience in a wide range of agricultural operations.

Kaleb first met Jeremy Clarkson, the star of Clarkson’s Farm, when he was hired to carry out some contracting work on Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm. Clarkson was immediately impressed with Kaleb’s skills and work ethic, and the two quickly became good friends as they started working together. When Clarkson decided to film a documentary series about his life on the farm, Kaleb was the obvious choice to be his right-hand man.

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How Did Kaleb And Jeremy Clarkson Meet?

I asked both Kaleb and Clarkson how their partnership came to be.

“We needed a tractor driver for the series and we looked everywhere,” says Jeremy, “I said ‘I tell you what, you could look at the guy who’s actually doing the tractoring here now anyway.’ So we got Kaleb and I think you’ll all agree he’s good on television. He knows his stuff, he’s young, he’s got bad hair – everything was right. Well he’s had his hair done today because he knew he was going on…”

“I haven’t had it done! It’s the sun bleaching it,” Kaleb argues.

What Was It Like Working With Jeremy Clarkson?

Another member of the press asked what it was like to be working with Clarkson on something so vast. 

“You’ve adapted to the farming life as well and you love it as well,” Kaleb told Jeremy. He replied, “I do. I adore it.”

“It makes the day 10 times easier when two people enjoy something and can work together,” explained Kaleb.

Jeremy nods: “He does give me a hard time but I quite like that. It’s a good working relationship. It’s good working on the farm and it’s good working on TV. You were here anyway so it’s not even forced.”

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Why Doesn’t Kaleb Like Working With Sheep?

“Anything with sheep, I’m not interested in. Cows I am.

“I did four years as an apprentice on a cow farm and I can do everything in a cow world. With sheep, I don’t understand why people try to make any money, find it enjoyable and not get so stressed you lose your hair.”

HE looks at Jeremy who’s sat beside him: “You probably found that out when I said ‘don’t get sheep’ and you bought sheep.”

Jeremy replies: “I should have listened to you,” before Kaleb asks him to repeat himself for added emphasis.

Does Kaleb See A Future In TV?

With Kaleb being such a natural alongside a seasoned TV veteran like Clarkson, this was a question I was very interested in asking.

“That’s a very big question and I’m not really too sure how to answer that. In terms of TV, I’ve loved it. I picked it up so quickly and the crew we had here – I got on with them so well. The cameraman is here now laughing going ‘yea, yea, yea’.

“Personally I would love to [do more TV] but as long as it’s included in the farming side of stuff. I wouldn’t want to do anything that isn’t farming.”

Jeremy starts laughing at the thought of Kaleb joining the cast of Love Island, which Kaleb quickly shoots down: “No, not Love Island! Maybe I’m A Celebrity. I’d be good on that. But I’m not sure to be honest. We’ll see what the future holds.”

Kaleb’s Work on Clarkson’s Farm

Kaleb is an essential part of the day-to-day operations of Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm. He helps Clarkson with a wide range of tasks, from driving tractors and harvesting crops to dealing with troublesome animals. Kaleb’s dry wit and quick thinking often provide some of the show’s funniest moments, but he takes his work very seriously and is a highly skilled and knowledgeable farmer.

Kaleb’s Role in the Show’s Success

One of the main reasons why Clarkson’s Farm has become such a hit is the chemistry between Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper. The two men have a great on-screen dynamic, with Clarkson often teasing Kaleb and Kaleb firing back with witty comebacks. Kaleb’s hard work and dedication to the farm have also won him many fans, who appreciate his no-nonsense attitude and his willingness to get stuck in and get the job done.

Questions From Fans

Is Kaleb Cooper Gerald’s son?

There has been some speculation that Kaleb Cooper is Gerald’s son, as he is often referred to as “Gerald’s boy” on the show. However, this is not true. Kaleb Cooper is not related to Gerald in any way, and he is not his son.

Does Kaleb Cooper have a child?

Kaleb Cooper has one child and a second on the way with his partner Taya who he’s engaged to. His first son, Oscar George Cooper, was born on 22 March 2021. His second child was announced on Instagram late 2022.

Does Kaleb work for Jeremy Clarkson?

Yes, Kaleb Cooper works for Jeremy Clarkson. He is the farm manager at Diddly Squat Farm, which is owned by Jeremy Clarkson.

How much did Kaleb get paid?

It is not known how much Kaleb Cooper gets paid for his work on Clarkson’s Farm. However, it is safe to assume that he is fairly compensated for his role as farm manager.

Are Jeremy and Kaleb friends?

Yes, Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper are friends. They have a close working relationship and are often seen joking and laughing together on the show.

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