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Clarkson’s Farm Star Kaleb Cooper Reveals Finished Book: “It’s Crazy!”

It’s been a couple of years since Kaleb Cooper joined forces with Jeremy Clarkson on his Diddly Squat Farm, and since then the farming contractor has only grown from strength to strength. Now, he’s revealed that his new book, The World According to Kaleb, will be available on October 13th later this year, and fans are very excited to get their hands on it.

Kaleb joined Clarkson when the Grand Tour presenter took over his farm a couple of years ago. He worked with the original farmer who Jeremy contracted the farm out to, but moved over when Clarkson began Diddly Squat. He was then involved with Clarkson’s Farm, but was never meant to become a regular on the series.

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Despite this, Jeremy quickly saw the talent within him, and now he’s Jeremy’s Richard Hammond on the farm. Fans fell in love with him thanks to his addictive personality and brilliant chemistry with Clarkson on-camera, and his knowledge shone through. Now, he’s managed to squeeze what he can of that knowledge into a book. He talks of the release date in a recent Instagram post:


“It’s crazy to think that 15 weeks ago, two months ago, three months ago, I was sat in the tractor with my little video recorder thing, saying stuff to it, to write in my book,” Kaleb tells his fans over Instagram.

“Alfie was a lot smaller then wasn’t you Alf?” he says, putting his dog in frame. “I would’ve probably had a different hair style. Actually, I know I would have, I go through so many I can’t remember.

“But finally. It’s done!” the farmer says holding up the book.

“The World According to Kaleb! Look at that. My hair looks good on there as well. It’s all about the hair.

“t’s crazy.  I’ve written my first ever book, which is available at October the 13th.”

He reveals he’s going to start reading it again as he uses his GPS-equipped tractor before thanking everyone.

“Thank you very much, everyone. And I hope you really enjoy it when it comes out in October.”

You can buy The World According to Kaleb here

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