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Clarkson’s Farm’s Kaleb Cooper Was A Surprise To Jeremy Clarkson: “He Knew That Was Amazing Television”

Jeremy Clarkson has risen to even higher levels of fame and success as his farming show, Clarkson’s Farm, receives great praise from viewers. Giving a real and gritty reflection of the farming industry, the presenter has had a second series confirmed alongside the continuation of The Grand Tour which stars Jeremy alongside Richard Hammond and James May.

Jeremy brought his usual humour and clumsiness to the table, but a number of additions to the cast gave the show layers of chemistry that fans quickly endeared to. Kaleb Cooper, the farm manager4 and tractor driver, became an overnight celebrity, with fans quickly loving the way he was able to shout back at Clarkson.

But this wasn’t planned, and in a recent interview with producer Andy Wilman, he talked about the up and coming star.

“He knows that self-deprecation works. He knows that if you get in trouble today, it’s chip paper tomorrow.

“So he doesn’t go to bed worrying about things like that.

“And his feet are on the ground. He knows what’s what.

“And then he’s smart enough to let the passion come out, which I think we see in the Farm.

“When Kaleb b*****ks him for the first time, when he gets all the tractoring wrong, he wasn’t expecting that.

“But you can see on his face, he knew in about two seconds to keep his gob shut and take it on the chin, because he knew that was amazing television,” he told The Sun.

Jeremy was on the receiving end of Kaleb’s telling off many times throughout the series, usually after attempting to cut corners, resulting in something going wrong

The second series of Clarkson’s Farm has been confirmed for a 2022 release, likely at a similar time to the first series which was released on June 11 earlier this year on Amazon Prime Video.

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