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Revealed: The 6 Most Popular Car Upgrades Owners Want To Have

Car owners are always looking for ways to improve and upgrade their vehicles. When you’re buying a car, you also like to look for cars that have already been upgraded. It takes some of the effort out for you, and you know you’re getting a car that’s better than it used to be. 

Unfortunately, a lot of car upgrades are just…well…rubbish. 

Most of the stuff people put in cars are completely useless and have no benefit for the average driver. Yeah, it’s cool to supercharge the engine of your VW Golf so it drives as fast as a Lamborghini – but what’s the point? You’re still driving a Golf, and you’ll never be able to get the most out of it anyway. You’ve basically just made an affordable and efficient car less affordable and less efficient. 

Anyway, mini-rant over, the point is that some upgrades are better than others. Well, after looking at what different car owners have said online, we can reveal the most popular car upgrades that people want to have in their vehicles. Check them out down below:

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High-Performance Tyres

All cars need tyres, but some are much better than others. On a lot of smaller cars, the tyres can be a bit crap. They might wear down really easily or don’t provide you with enough grip in certain conditions. As such, adding some high-performance tyres to your car will certainly be a big upgrade. Genuinely, you will improve so many different aspects of your car with the right set of tyres. The ride will feel smoother, the suspension will last for longer, and you can drive faster and with more control. There is simply no downside to tyre upgrades! Here’s a pro tip if you’re selling a car and want to make a nifty profit: always put a brand new set of tyres on it. Not only does this make the car more attractive, but it also makes it more desirable and can command a higher asking price. Such a sneaky yet effective way of improving your vehicle. 

A New Suspension

The suspension in your car is responsible for a lot of things. Mainly, it helps to absorb shocks and keep your car feeling as comfortable as possible. You can tell the difference between a car with a good suspension and one without. The car without a good suspension will feel so hard and bumpy, making every tiny crack in the road feel like a canyon. Consequently, suspension upgrades are highly sought after. You can find lots of different ways of doing this, but the idea is that you add a new suspension system to your car so it drives much better than before. Now, every road will feel like a perfectly flat surface – it’ll be like you’re driving around on carpet wherever you go!

Improved Seats

In a lot of cars, the seats often come as an afterthought. The manufacturers care too much about performance and safety but forget about comfort. Actually, can you really care TOO much about safety?! Nevertheless, the car seats can be uncomfortable and a bit ugly. So, it’s no surprise that many car owners welcome some upgraded seating options in their vehicles. People love stylish things, like Corbeau Seats, giving a new layer of luxury to the inside of their cars. Or, they want racing seats that makes their car feel more like a proper performance specimen. These upgrades are welcomed by buyers as well, meaning some new seats could help you sell a car for more money. 

Brake Upgrades

So many car owners are looking for brake upgrades to make their vehicles better and safer. Naturally, the aim is to have brakes that are as responsive as possible. A lot of older vehicles have really dodgy brakes that don’t respond to your foot as quickly as they should. This increases the braking distance and can make your car harder to drive – as well as less safe for other drivers around you. So, upgrading to a modern braking system is a genius way of taking an old banger and making it better without compromising its unique look. For newer cars, brake upgrades are still highly popular. Generally, people like to get larger brake discs that mean you stop quicker and can prevent a lot of accidents. If a car has good brakes, it is likely to sell a lot easier as well, so that’s a good bonus. 

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A New Exhaust System

There are plenty of performance-enhancing aspects of cars that simply aren’t worth doing. We mentioned engine upgrades before, and they’re really only necessary if you’re trying to turn a car into a performance machine for racing. In real life, adding a turbocharger to your engine will just make it inefficient, making the car more expensive to run. Instead, adding a new exhaust system to your car can be a performance upgrade that’s worth the money. These improvements are very popular amongst car owners because they improve the way your engine performs and sounds – sometimes making it more efficient as well. 

Entertainment System Upgrades

Finally, you can improve the driving experience of a car by upgrading the entertainment system. This is an upgrade that’s existed for decades – remember when people used to swap out their old cassette players for CD players at the turn of the Century?! Nowadays, you can upgrade an old entertainment system with a cool touchscreen and other intriguing technology. Again, it’s one of those small car improvements that go a long way. People appreciate this type of thing and it will make them more interested in your car. 

On that entertainment-based note, you’ve now seen the six most popular car upgrades that owners want to have in their vehicles. If you own a car and want to improve it, these are the best upgrades you can make. Likewise, if you’re trying to sell a car, some of these upgrades can help you get more money. Speaking of which, if you are looking to buy a new car, these are the upgrades you should look for as they can benefit your driving experience!

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  2. Agree with all the suggestions. Tuning the ECU,bigger turbos,plugs and wires,etc can add performance numbers and HP not just power but efficiency and gas mileage. Just because its not a Lambo or a Ferrari doesn’t mean you cant enjoy a car thats supped up.Just dont overdo it, otherwise you have to upgrade transmissions,engine work,etc…500 crank hp is the maximum before you start fixing things. My 1992 Mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 has 425k miles.Original engine,turbos. Transmission rebuilt at 150k and 300k,clutch twice. So if upgrades are done correctly and tastefully, you can enjoy any car even if its not an exotic. I also have a C6 Corvette ZR1 that will run with any super car.Enjoy and drive safe.

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