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Clarkson’s Top 5 Worst Cars From 2018

We recently showed you what Jeremy Clarkson chose as his top 5 favourite cars from 2018. But where there are favourites, there are least favourites. So here are his least favourite cars from the past year. And no, it doesn’t include a Porsche.

5. Abarth 695 Rivale

“The 695 convertible is wobbly at speed, bouncy and hard to drive unless you’re used to wearing a thong,” Clarkson said in regard to the tuned Fiat 500. He only scored it 2 out of 5 stars, blaming the stiff suspension, poor chassis and bad driving position.

4. Audi Q8

“It’s a rival for the terrible BMW X6, and that means it’s for people who are mad,” Clarkson said about the German SUV. There are only a couple of SUVs that Jeremy adores, those being the Range Rover and Alfa Romeo Stelvio. This, he definitely didn’t adore, only scoring it 1 star.

3. Dacia Duster

“No one is ever going to drive a Duster smoothly. Or quietly. Or with their dignity intact.” High praise from Clarkson. While James May might not agree, Clarkson definitely made his mind up on this, only scoring it 2 stars.

2. Mini 1499 GT

“It’s hard to think of the right word. But ‘horrible’ is close enough,” Clarkson explained. He disliked the car because the stiff suspension hinted at a performance the Mini simply didn’t have.

1. Volvo V60

“Nothing says your sex life has died more than a Volvo in the driveway,” he says, knowing full well that he has always owned a Volvo himself. He hated the ‘dismal’ diesel engine, but liked the looks of both the interior and exterior.

You can find more details about his favourite and worst cars from 2018 by clicking here. 

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