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The Grand Tour Episode 11 Media Review and Reactions: Blast to the Past

This week’s Grand Tour takes us to Loch Ness, Scotland, and immediately the discussion turns to how everything the Scots do is British if it’s any good, and then anything the Scots do that somehow turns out less than favorable is Scottish. Stereotypes (however humorous they may be) aside, the view from the tent of the Loch is gorgeous, which leads one to inevitably think on old Italian cars, right? Or specifically, one Italian car in three iterations.

The reason I’m so happy this week is because the car show is a car show again, and not only was it that, it was funny. This was classic Top Gear stuff, here. Buying three used vehicles and then running them all over creation with inexorable foul-ups for at least one of them. It was something that put me back in the comfort zone of the Top Gear episodes I’ve seen dozens of times. It gave me the warm fuzzies. And I wasn’t the only one.

“As the prat-falling unspooled, veteran Top Gear fans will have felt a fuzzy glow of nostalgia. It really was just like the old days.” Ed Powers, Telegraph UK

There was even a section about the Fiat 124 roadster being compared to the Mazda MX-5, which as we all know is one of Richard’s favorites. But even this bit just felt more like Top Gear. It wasn’t Jeremy cooing over a hypercar or an Alfa and promising it would go faster than you ever dreamed. No, this was Richard, simply telling us why this little car was just a little bit better than the MX-5 in the cutest way possible. “It’s like a cat in a lion suit and that’s exactly the kind of panto you want,” he says.

“It was good to know they can still rise to the occasion.” Ed Powers, Telegraph UK

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The biggest issue with the boys this round was that James somehow broke his arm, and couldn’t… perform… quite as well as he normally does for Captain Slow. Jeremy and Richard took the opportunity to make sure that James could drive with ease, but also that he could be as uncomfortable as possible while doing so.

“Yes viewer, they attached a fake willy.” Ed Powers, Telegraph UK

Among other things, but I won’t spoil that for you. Each, however, were of varying degrees of hilarity and one did make me gasp in the idea of discomfort involved.

A good old fashioned race made me grin with nostalgia, and a car show that turned out very much to be a car show this week was like donning a soft, supple and familiar robe, ensconcing one in reminiscence and comfort. This week’s episode receives 5 out of 5 rubber knobs. Most definitely will watch again.

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