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Johnny Herbert Advocates Lewis Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari: The Perfect Maranello Match

Former F1 Star Johnny Herbert Believes Hamilton's Character Aligns with Ferrari's Legacy

Former Formula 1 racing driver Johnny Herbert has expressed his fervent desire to see Lewis Hamilton don the iconic red of Ferrari. Herbert believes that Hamilton possesses the ideal character and attributes to seamlessly integrate into the Maranello-based racing outfit.

Just recently, Lewis Hamilton inked a contract extension with Mercedes, binding him to the team until the culmination of the 2025 season. Nevertheless, with Hamilton approaching the age of 41 when his new contract concludes, speculations swirl regarding whether this pact might mark his farewell tour in Formula 1.

Setting aside the conjecture surrounding his retirement, a faint glimmer of hope persists that Hamilton might make a dramatic leap to Ferrari post-2025. Reports circulating before the summer break hinted at Ferrari’s keen interest in securing the services of the seven-time world champion. Rumor even suggested that the Ferrari CEO personally extended an offer to Hamilton, which he, albeit politely, declined.

In the end, Lewis Hamilton chose to prolong his alliance with the Mercedes team, an organization he has steadfastly championed for many years. While Johnny Herbert comprehends the rationale behind Hamilton’s decision to continue with Mercedes, he ardently harbors the wish to witness the British racing sensation conclude his illustrious career clad in Ferrari red. Herbert conveyed his sentiments to the media, saying:

“He may be aware of what may be happening in the future with Mercedes and has been satisfied that is where his future is. Still, I would have liked to have seen the final part of his career in a Ferrari.

“I honestly think he was the right character and the perfect fit for them. If he is happy where he is, for him, that is the best mental place for him to be. You have got to have belief in where you are at and Lewis does, which is why he re-signed.”

“Despite Mercedes’ relatively sluggish progress with their Formula 1 car over the past 18 months, I am skeptical that it will metamorphose into the championship-winning machine that secures Hamilton his eighth title,” Herbert elaborated.

“Based on the last couple of years, I don’t see Lewis getting an eighth title.

“The car has got better since they changed from the original concept, but they are only as good as the gap behind Red Bull. They are not ahead of the game. Can they turn it around? I don’t know. I haven’t seen those positive signs. They have gone forward but not very far. The car is not a race winner.”

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