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Every Major Crash Richard Hammond Has Had

Richard Hammond is the everyman of The Grand Tour and Top Gear. He’s the one that has to deal with the loud brash, big personality of Jeremy and the anal retentiveness of James, which makes Richard seem the most relatable of the trio. He’s the guy that like Mustangs and America and cheese. Doesn’t he just sound like the type of guy you could see yourself hanging out with?

He also seems to get into pretty horrible accidents quite a lot. I don’t know why Richard is the only one that seems to flirt with death so often; it’s not like he’s the only one who drives dangerously, but out of the three presenters, Richard is the only one who cheated death not once, not twice, but three times.


This crash is easily the worst of the bunch since Richard actually suffered some pretty severe injuries. While filming a segment for Top Gear, Richard was traveling upwards of 288 MPH in a dragster called the Vampire.

During his final run, the front right tire failed, and while the Vampire deployed one of its parachutes, the car hit the grass and rolled multiple times.

According to the Health and Safety report:

“Hammond’s instantaneous reaction to the tyre blow-out seems to have been that of a competent high performance car driver, namely to brake the car and to try to steer into the skid. Immediately afterwards he also seems to have followed his training and to have pulled back on the main parachute release lever, thus shutting down the jet engine and also closing the jet and afterburner fuel levers. The main parachute did not have time to deploy before the car ran off the runway.”


Not too many details are known about this particular crash since the boys seem to be saving it for The Grand Tour Season 2, but we know that while they were filming in Mozambique, Hammond fell off his motorbike and hit his head, which of course sent everyone into a panic.

CREDIT: Jalopnik

Richard assured us that he was fine, even if Jeremy claimed “He really did hurt himself quite badly.”

We’ll have to wait until the second season of The Grand Tour to find out what happened!


The most recent of Richard’s crashes also seems to be the most serious one since the Vampire 2006 crash. During the Hemburg Hill Climb in Switzerland, Hammond lost control of the Rimac Concept One supercar he was driving as he approached a turn, and crashed.

Hammond managed to pull himself from the wreckage before the car burst into flames but suffered a fractured knee during the accident.

We know that this jobs comes with its dangers and yes, we know that it’s exciting to drive like a maniac, but Richard, we need you to stay safe!

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