The Grand Tour

Executive Producer Wants to Bring The Grand Tour Back to UK TV

Jeremy Clarkson’s executive producer, Andy Wilman, had some interesting things to say about the show.

According to The Week, Wilman said that he would like to see The Grand Tour in syndication following the Amazon Prime run, so that “as many people as possible” can see the show.

“I would like [The Grand Tour] to be seen by as many people as possible. I would be very happy that it can be seen anywhere,” Andy Wilman

In typical un-PC fashion (what else would you expect from a producer for Clarkson), Wilman describes the decision to do weekly releases as “those three do something retarded and next week they do something retarded.”

Take that for whatever worth you want because it makes absolutely no sense to us.

Wilman also shares his thoughts about whether or not the show has the right qualities to be binge watched in a “box-set” fashion, but I’m sure any Top Gear fan who has binge watched the show on Netflix would whole-heartedly disagree.

Would you like to see the show broadcast on cable after its Prime premier?

Do you think The Grand Tour will be as binge-worthy to watch as the classic episodes of Top Gear?

Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Hell yeah I have cable & I would love to watch it on TV otherwise I may have to watch it some how online. I’m not getting Amazon just to watch one show. I miss the OG Top Gear so much!

  2. Syndicated, but world wide as long as Amazon & the quartet get a good cut. Expect them to be available on DVD. Binge worthy? If I’m ever having a downer day, the boys version of TG is my go to for a laugh. I’m watching some now on BBCA. Thanks BBC for the free ads for GT. Note: Someone somewhere will hack it & put it online for free. The boys (including Wilman) deserve to make their retirement on this. And Hamster has two girls to put through school & pay for their weddings!!!

  3. No, stay on Amazon Prime.
    That way the boys can do whatever the fuck they want to. Boredcast TV is horrible !

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