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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals A New Car Bought Specifically For A Future Grand Tour Episode

People are now having to pay a significant amount of money for used cars, according to Jeremy Clarkson, who admits that The Grand Tour has met a potential roadblock as the price of production has risen due to rising car prices. The presenter acknowledged that the “crummy rust bucket” on peoples’ drives is now one of their most valuable possessions, nowadays.

His latest driving review revealed what we already knew – that the problem was caused by a lack of microchips. With around 1,400 in a modern vehicle, they’re used in a host of different systems from braking to the windscreen wipers.

Now, due to the pandemic, there is a shortage of these microchips, and this has meant a lot of new cars can’t be built. Thanks to this, the prices of used cars have shot up.

According to Jeremy’s column article for The Sunday Times, this has resulted in at least six months of waiting for a new Range Rover.

The ex-Top Gear presenter wrote: “The result of all this is that the price of used cars has gone through the roof.”

We bought an Audi RS4 for a Grand Tour film that had to be postponed because of the pandemic,” Jeremy revealed.

“And today it’s worth £8,000 more than it was 18 months ago.”

This has happened across the board, he states, adding:

“The AA backs this up, saying that a three-year-old Mini, in 2019, would have cost £9,800, whereas today it would be £15,400.

“In the same time frame an Audi A3 has gone up by 46 per cent, and rises of 30 per cent or more are common across the board.

“That crummy little rust bucket on your drive is now the most valuable thing you own.”

A new episode of The Grand Tour will be hitting Amazon Prime Video soon by the name of Carnage A Trois. Jeremy, alongside Richard Hammond and James May, will be exploring the world of French cars as they drive across the UK, annoying other road users along the way.

Hopefully, the increase in used car prices won’t affect the cost of production of The Grand Tour’s future episodes. No one knows the true budget of these specials, but this could mean a change of plans when it comes to featuring certain cars, we’re sure.

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