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Ford’s New 2022 Bronco Gets a Raptor Redesign

Would you prefer your Ford Bronco with a little more pep in its step? Perhaps some aggressive styling to match? If the answer is yes, than you may be in the market for a Ford Bronco Raptor.

Fortunately for us, TheSketchMonkey made his version of the Raptor Bronco on his Youtube channel. He takes the style features which are in both the F-150 and Ranger versions of the Raptor, and meticulously incorporates them into a new Photoshop of the Bronco.

The result is subtle, and doesn’t specify what motor would be used to power this new beast, but it still has key design benefits. The grille, arches, and wheels gets key changes, as well as some other slight modifications to the body.

Naturally, he chose blue for the Raptor Bronco. Then the design got the blacked-out rims of the other models, and enlarged wheel arches. The door step was a welcomed adjustment, for anyone who will be letting shorter people climb aboard.

One key change was the chiseled face, which makes the new honeycomb grille appear more set back on the front end. At first glance you might miss it, but it undoubtedly makes the Bronco appear angrier. Above the new grille, SketchMonkey fits a few signature led lights, that glow amber as a warning to upcoming traffic.

Wrapping things up, there is an added underbelly shield, which comes up from the front with a couple of new cutouts and bits. All said, this looks just different enough to be a good idea. Although the standard Bronco looks more similar to a Raptor than the F-150 does while stock.

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