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Top Gear’s Chris Harris Shuts Down Sexist Twitter User During Online Row

Chris Harris may be on a break from Top Gear filming, but this doesn’t stop the experienced motoring journalist from keeping his fans updated on his latest four (and two)-wheeled adventures on Instagram and Twitter.

His latest posts have focussed on the shoddy social media marketing of BMW – it really has been pitiful – but it was a post about his Porsche going in for a service that sparked an argument between Harris and an apparent fan that was keen to release his sexism in a response.

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“The banana is having a service, so they borrowed me this. Crazy fast machine,” Harris posted alongside a photo of a rather gorgeous Porsche 911S in front of the final destination of many 747s, the 747 graveyard in the Cotswolds. “The death-row 747s at Kemble make me sad and wistful.”

Someone was keen to push his thoughts on Harris in a reply, however.

“At least you don’t have to drive round in your wife’s M2 looking a knob in a girls car all day,” he states.

He as hastily questioned by other users who were keen as to what made a car a “woman’s car”.

Some users also found it ironic that his Twitter bio described himself as a “lover of good manners”.

Chris Harris was keen to chime in himself, branding him a “total keyboard shandy”:

“Dougie’s got massive issues. I’d block him for the absolute bell-end he clearly is, but it’s quite amusing to see him talk rubbish. Would love to see him try and drive my M2, in the wet, TC off! Total keyboard shandy!”

This was quickly met with a reply:

“I really don’t have issues, I am just a car enthusiast that likes a bit of harmless banter. Not meaning to cause such offence as to get in to name calling like ‘bell-end’.” He continues, “I can take it as well as give it. Now; would you really love to watch me drive…. your wife’s car

Chris replied with the following:

“No. You’re an offensively sexist prat who isn’t funny. And if Twitter wasn’t so keen to ban people like me for saying what I really wanted to say, I’d use stronger language.”

Harris goes on to explain that this man has been replying to his tweets for a long time. He said:

“This is why I’ve called-out this bloke. He’s done it for ages. Now saying he’s merely citing what suits who. ‘Looking a knob in a girls car’. Lovely chap,” Harris states.

Harris later blocked him, but fans of the Top Gear presenter trawled through the user’s Twitter history, finding out that he’d also been blocked by several other people within the motoring industry. It looks as though he has a habit of getting on people’s wicks.

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