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Former Top Gear Cast Member: The Grand Tour Has Clearly Won

Have we ever been in a situation like we’re in right now with The Grand Tour and Top Gear? I can’t recall any show in my lifetime that migrated its main cast over to a brand new show that’s essentially a carbon copy of the old one (I say that with love), and the old one actually kept going with the same thing with a new cast. Maybe Law and Order? But even that’s not the same thing.

It’s an interesting place we’re in with The Grand Tour and Top Gear. It’s not just a case of two competing motoring shows; it’s literally two of the same show going head to head with one of the casts having been on both shows. Comparison are inevitable. I know we’re supposed to adopt a mindset of “We need to allow each show to do their own thing and not compare,” but it’s not just comparing apples to apples, it’s comparing the same apple to itself after a bite has been taken out of it.

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I appear to not be the only one that thinks this, as South African YouTuber Calvin Fisher (who used to work for Top Gear!) has taken the task of officially reviewing The Grand Tour VS Top Gear. It’s a comparison that was itching to happen and ripe with drama the moment Jeremy threw fists over a steak. Now, halfway through the first season of The Grand Tour, have the boys found their footing again? Let’s see what Calvin thinks:

Calvin’s thoughts might not be as one sided as one might think. Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments below and our Facebook Page!

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