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Former Top Gear Stig Offers The American a Bit of Driving Advice

Let’s face it, The American character in The Grand Tour is the most controversial topic amongst fans, new and old. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground when it comes to the likability of the character, but leave it to former Stig, Ben Collins, to take a different approach.

Before we get to Collins remarks, I wanted to share with you a post that we made on our Facebook page that asked our 425,000+ fans from around the world how they felt about “The American.” The response has been staggering to say the least, but in case you haven’t voted, here you go:


Now to Collins and the savage use of hashtags in his Instagram post. There’s no remarks about being an American or whether or not he talks to much or too little. All that matters is the driving and as you can tell, there seems to be some room for improvement.

Would be great if Ben could be a guest on The Grand Tour in some way without the boys killing him off with lions, snakes or faulty parachutes.

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