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Give Me Heads: James May Spotted In Local Surrey Garden

You’ve got to hand it to the marketing team that worked on The Grand Tour this series, because they came up with some doozies. Starting things off with half-submerged Prii (the official plural of Prius, per Toyota!) in various places across the globe, and moving onto packaging Amazon shipping boxes with cutouts and air fresheners, they pulled out all the stops.

Their biggest idea, literally, however, was the massive traveling likenesses of the trio.

The heads (and various other body parts) made their way around the California on the back of a flatbed truck, even making a special stop at the famous Hollywood sign. They were also shipped to Amsterdam, Seattle, and Sydney before returning to UK soil. Once home, they made their way through the streets of London, being spotted outside Buckingham Palace, Parliament, and on the M4.

So, now that the series is over, what will they do with these giant globetrotting domes? Well, obviously, they’ll lend them out to three lucky UK residents. All participants had to do was tweet a picture of their garden with the hashtag #GiveMeHeads for a chance to win. Winners of the contest will be able to keep the heads for two weeks, but apparently, if they want to keep them for longer they can. After a random drawing, the first of the heads (James May’s to be precise) was awarded to Laura Norgate of Elstead, England.

Laura Elstad
Photo via: Surrey Advertiser

According to a local news outlet, Get Surrey, Laura, a longtime fan of the trio, is over the moon. “I never thought I’d hear the sentence ‘I’m receiving James May’s giant head’ but nevertheless I’m looking forward to it,” she said. In preparing her garden for the occasion, she even recreated The Grand Tour logo with a power washer.

grand tour

The #GiveMeHeads campaign was in response to the enormous success of The Grand Tour, and is a way for Amazon to say thank you to the devoted fan base. Amazon definitely has a lot to be thankful for; even though it missed out on the title of “most pirated show in the world”, The Grand Tour did have the highest rated premiere for Prime (some sources say it was the largest streaming debut ever). Millions of people tuned in, with Amazon saying they have gained “tens of millions of new paid members.”

We’ve received no word yet on where the heads of Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond will end up, but presumably two lucky winners will know soon. With people being able to keep them longer than the initial two week stint, it’s also unknown if their traveling days are over or if they’ll continue to be used for additional promotional stunts. When we find out, we’ll be sure to give you a heads-up!

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  1. Amazon “It is going to cost us thousands to store those dam heads”
    “Hey I have an idea lets have a contest to get people to store them for us in their gardens.”

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