The Grand Tour

Grand Tour Camerman Almost Gets Leg Burnt Off During Latest Episode

The latest episode of The Grand Tour was a long special with almost 20 more minutes of mania compared to any other episode so far. They took on America with three RVs, each with their own modifications, but before long, it was evident that Jeremy’s RV was on the poorer side of working.

At a stop, it turned out that the RV was idling extremely high, and when Clarkson went to turn the key to alleviate local ears from the deafening noise emanating from the tortured RV, the key was too hot to handle with bare skin. He called in the help from the director who was quick to respond.

As the director manages to turn the key to shut off the engine, the RV’s exhaust explodes with a shot of flames which engulfs the unsuspecting man’s leg.

Things were made even worse when Clarkson looks down to see a puddle of petrol forming under the RV – not a good sight when you realise the vehicle has a talent for producing flames when you don’t want them.

Thankfully, the RV isn’t too much of a problem for the rest of the episode. Well… kinda.

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