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Jeremy Clarkson Speaks Out On Current Grand Tour Issues: “We Are Having An Absolute Nightmare”

While Jeremy Clarkson is enjoying the praise that’s come from his new show, Clarkson’s Farm, he’s revealed that another aspect of his life is being rather difficult at the moment due to the current world we live in. He’s given fans an update on The Grand Tour and its current state of filming. 

It’s no shock that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have had a difficult time since the pandemic began, forcing them to film within the country. They’ve been spotted filming in Scotland where they were driving three American cars, and more recently they’ve been spotted in Wales and Warwickshire driving a trio of French cars. 

Clarkson, Hammond and May Spotted In Wales for Possible Grand Tour Filming

Now, Clarkson admits that they’ve been planning their next round of filming, but it’s been difficult:

“We are having an absolute nightmare with The Grand Tour,” he wrote.

“We choose a country that seems doable, work up a storyline and a route we can take and then, bang, we’re told it’s been put on the red list and we have to start again.”

Referring to the current traffic light system put in place for countries within Europe, he admitted that the team was thinking about Australia, but now “Sydney is closing down”.

Italy was next on the list, “only to discover that it doesn’t want British visitors”

Jeremy continued: 

“Many countries have got it into their heads that our AstraZeneca vaccine is basically lemonade, which provides no protection at all,” with the presenter eventually coming to the conclusion that “for my holiday this year, I’m not going anywhere.”

Fans are hoping that the next episode of The Grand Tour will be coming soon after a long, but understandable wait between episodes. 

We’ll be sure to keep you updated. 

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  1. I enjoyed Clarkson’s Farm, but the last GT was terrible. I’m surprised how good Top Gear is now, and I’d rather watch that.

  2. Come over the pond. We have more vaccine than we know what to do with and you can get a free beer to take it at every stop.

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