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California Might Be Getting Their Own Autobahn

Traffic congestion (like most major roads world over) in California is quite the problematic issue, with the number of cars on the road dramatically increasing each year the problem only worsens on a daily basis. So the Californian state senator John Moorlach has come up with a plan to eradicate that issue… with luck!

His proposal is the addition of extra lanes on Interstate 5 and State Route 99, it all sounds like a fairly standard road improvement plan. Rest assured that this proposal is one of rather interesting standing. These proposed new lanes will not have any legally imposed speed limits.

That’s right folks, California could soon be getting its own version of the Autobahn! The outset of this idea is to not only ease queuing traffic, but also to release some of the rising greenhouse emissions with less idling vehicles on the highways. The other addition to this idea being that the risk of accidents is vastly reduced, at least this is true in Germany where the Autobahn carries incredibly low collision numbers because of their strict laws and vigilant drivers. How this will fair in the U.S. is another matter entirely.

While in an ideal world this should work, it comes with several minor issues that need to be expunged before it goes ahead. Namely the fact in California vehicle code 22348 it states that speeds in excess of 100 MPH anywhere in the state can lead to driving infractions, including permanent ban. However, we feel this is still better than nothing when considering the fastest legal speed limit applied to a road in the U.S. currently stands in Texas at 85 MPH.

If these new lanes are opened up, don’t expect to be topping your brand new muscle car out to its maximum capacity without risk of legal implications…

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