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Grand Tour Norway Special Trailer Leaked By Producer – Watch Now

A sneak peek of the upcoming Norway special episode of The Grand Tour has been released by the shows executive producer, Andy Wilman. This trailer shows a few of the details we’re so looking forward to when the episode is finally released, potentially later this year around Christmas, or “coming soon”, as Wilman states.

Wilman took to his Instagram to share the video with the caption:

“Coming soon(ish) to a telly near you.”

It starts with the camera panning up over tree tops to go onto a birds eye view of a couple of cars racing through the snow covered track, leading us to assume that this is Norway, which we covered earlier this year.

The fast-paced clip shows James May’s horrific crash, Richard Hammond looking like he is having a really bad dream in some sort of cabin and Jeremy Clarkson with a very tense expression.

We don’t know the name yet as it leaves us hanging at the end, but we do know that the trio are driving round in three rally cars. Clarkson chose an Audi RS4 B7, Hammond opted for a Subaru Impreza WRX and May went for a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII, which we already know he had an awful crash in.

We also know from social media posts that the trio visit the incredible scenic Henningsvaer Football Stadium and also managed to see the incredible Northern Lights.

Although there is no release date yet, this sneak peek his got us very excited about the upcoming release.

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