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Grand Tour Presenter Richard Hammond Blasts ‘Just Stop Oil’ Protesters For Targeting Aston Martin

The Grand Tour host, Richard Hammond, has criticised protesters who have been spraying orange paint all over Aston Martin’s London showroom.

Hammond’s second series of Richard Hammond’s Workshop was released on Discovery+ yesterday, which he is now likely to get a similar backlash from the protesters, Just Stop Oil, as well as Aston Martin due to them restoring old cars.

Whilst talking on Good Morning Britain to promote his new show, the former Top Gear host was quizzed on the recent protesters by the interviewer, Richard Madeley, who said:

“Just Stop Oil who was spraying orange paint all over Aston Martin’s HQ in London yesterday would say that you are basically the devil incarnate for running these old cars. But you have a very interesting response to that?”

Hammond was quick to hit back over the protesters actions, he responded:

“Yeah, I mean, on the one hand, it is a really silly time to be setting up a workshop restoring cars. But actually I mean, for one thing, that they’re trying to draw attention to their cause I get that.

“But a bunch of Aston Martins that won’t do many miles a year are not going to have a great deal of impact.”

He added:

“Most classic cars because they’re old, the carbon footprint of their creation is long in the past. If they do less than 1,000 miles a year, their carbon footprint a year is about half that of your mobile phone or your laptop.

“Because we’re keeping old things going that have already been made and the resources have been mined. Any carbon footprint in his creation has been done.”

Hammond went on to add that he thinks it is better to restore an older car instead of spending a lot of money on a new electric car. He said:

“You’re actually better off as for most people, even if you have got £50,000 to go and buy a new electric car which most people… nearly everybody hasn’t.

“And even if you did have, actually you’re better off keeping an old car going in many cases, as you’re not doing many miles.”

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