The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour-Season 2, Episode 10: Paris Hilton’s Pink Bentley

The guests on Celebrity Face-Off this week were Rory McIlroy and Paris Hilton, and as expected, the topic of Paris’ pink Bentley came up during the segment. For those that aren’t aware; yes, Paris Hilton owns a custom-made, $220,000 pink Bentley Continental.

The interior is completely custom, with nearly every single part personalized with Paris’ signature in what I can only assume is a tribute to…well…herself. Inside, there are also pink leather seats and a pink dashboard. All modifications were done by West Coast Customs, which is not exactly the sort of shop you have in mind when it comes to glitzy pink cars.

Paris Hilton is a self-professed Barbie fanatic, which explains the styling choices she has made to her Bentley. This now brings up an interesting discussion, however. I quite like the Bentley Continental and see it as a more than capable performance car. it has been featured on Top Gear numerous times and I have always been impressed by what it can do.

However, I asked a number of my non-gearhead friends what they thought of the Continental, and they all had the exact same answer: “Ugh, isn’t that the Paris Hilton car? Hate it.” Which is a bit unfair because, underneath all that pink, it can still do what a Bentley Continental can do. So the question is this: did Paris Hilton ruin Bentley’s reputation by doing what she did to her’s?



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  1. I honestly don’t care what color Paris has for her car. It’s her car, and she wants it to be pink. If Bentley’s reputation is tarnished by a simple, pink car, it must have been pretty fragile to start with.

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