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What If The Grand Tour Trio Were Hipsters?

In today’s overview we’re going to have a look at a gingerbread DeLorean, a horrible accident involving a turbo and a finger, and hipster versions of our favourite trio which I’m sure you can already spot below, and more. Make sure you tell us what you think in the comments at the bottom of the page.

What If The Grand Tour Trio Were Hipsters?

This is a worrying thought, isn’t it? But however worrying these images are, you can’t deny the insane talent from Julija Supova that went into these. One thing’s for sure though – I never want the trio to style their hair like this. It makes me think they’re going to serve me a coffee instead of a car show.

The Gingerbread DeLorean

What’s better than a DeLorean? A gingerbread DeLorean! Although I doubt this one can hit 88mph. It would be eaten far too soon.

Man Loses Finger In Turbo (not for the faint hearted)

Now there are rumours that this could be fake, so take it with a pinch of salt. But if it’s not, then that is the most British way of coping with such an injury!

The Grand Tour Intro Sequence We All Deserve

You can’t beat the nostalgia you get from the song ‘Jessica’, so we were very please to see that someone remade the intro to Top Gear but with The Grand Tour clips. Too bad the BBC own the rights!

Top 10 Cheap Sports Cars For The Summer

We’re deep into Summer now (in the northern hemisphere at least), but if you’re still thinking about getting a car to enjoy the hot sun while we have it, you’ll definitely want to give this a read. From MGFs to MR2s, this article has the best summer time vehicles, while making sure to exclude the obvious answer that is the MX5 Miata.

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As usual, tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Does the undercut suit Hammond a bit too well? Please forgive me for asking that!

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