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The Grand Tour Used Up How Much Data To Stream?

At some point during my day, I’m streaming something. Whether it’s music while I’m working or a Cookie Swirl C (adults, never ever watch this) YouTube video while I’m making dinner for my kids, my ISP is always working overtime to provide me and my family with endless entertainment.

It’s interesting that in the back of my mind, I know that an unbelievable amount of data is being processed, but I never really took the time to think just exactly how much data is being streamed at any given time.

A new infographic by 100TB sheds a bit more light on how streaming works, and the insane numbers behind your favorite shows, including The Grand Tour. It’s quite impressive that in just a few short year, this massive amount the data is freely flowing into our homes without even a second thought.

It’s insane to think that just 15-20 years ago, I was yelling at my roommate to get off the phone so I could jump on my dial up internet connection to check my AOL mail. Times sure change!


Some interesting information here (some new, some which we already know). The Grand Tour had 2.8 million viewers, which moved a total 5,488 TB of data (!!!). It’s an incredible amount, but not even close to the king of data streaming, Netflix’s Stranger Things, which had 14.07 million viewers (18-49 year olds in the first 35 days), for a total of 42,210 TB of data (if all viewed the show in HD).

A more dubious honor bestowed upon The Grand Tour (and perhaps one that could have made a pretty significant dent in official viewership numbers) is the number of illegal downloads of The Grand Tour’s premiere episode: 7.9 million. That could have at least put TGT in contention with Gilmore Girls!

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