The Grand Tour

Here’s The Trailer For The Final Episode Of The Grand Tour Season 2

Mozambique. It’s a country I know next to nothing about, except that it’s called Mozambique. But one thing I do know is that it’s where The Grand Tour is headed this week, for the second season’s first of two specials.

There isn’t much new footage in this trailer, but it still gives us many, many of Hammond’s crashes, and if I know this show, the trailer only contains about a third of all the ones that are going to be in the episode. The premise of the episode is that the presenters are attempting to transport fish from the Mozambique coast to its interior, and (you guessed it) they’re using three battered old vehicles to do it.

May has an old Mercedes 200T wagon, similar to the Mercedes he used when Top Gear crossed Botswana years ago; Jeremy has a tatty old Nissan Navara; and Hammond has a little TVS Star motorbike with some strange bamboo/wood contraption on the back that makes it looks like a set of bagpipes. Probably makes a similar noise too.

As usual, the episode will drop early Thursday evening in the United States, and early Friday morning in the UK and the rest of Europe. Check back then for our full recap and review.

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