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Watch James May Cook A Chinese Delicacy From Leftovers

James May has been putting his face to cooking ever since the sister company of DriveTribe, FoodTribe, began. He then later announced his new Amazon Prime Video show, Oh Cook, along with an accompanying cookbook that is also being sold on Amazon.

Now, with the Felix Project in mind, he set out to make a delicious Chinese “fakeaway” from only leftovers consisting of some rice, some cooked chicken, a rather dodgy looking carrot, and a host of other additions and sauces. Watch the video below to see how he fared.

After a good amount of stir frying in a wok, especially the rice which turns out is a leading cause of food ppoinsoing when it hasn’t been reheated thoroughly, the meal is prepared. May hesitantly calls it a “chicken foo young”, hoping that he’s not guilt of cultural misappropriation.

His camera crew are asked to give it a taste, with each of them complaining about the slightly too far gone carrot. But overall, The Grand Tour presenter receives positive reviews on his quick cooking job.

At the end of the video, he urges fans to show him their own creation using the hashtag #FelixFakeaways. So are you up for it, or are you just going to get a takeaway instead?

Alex Harrington

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